Welcome to Facebook Marketing 101! This course, with instructors Brian Carter & Barry Tubwell, ran from November 2010 until June 2011 and is now closed. More than 6,000 people joined FBM101 and the FanReach Facebook Marketing course. To see some of the positive results businesses got from that, read this. There is still an active FanReach Facebook Marketing discussion group available here.

Brian Carter also wrote an ebook called How To Get More Fans.

Instead of keeping the video courses up to date, Brian wrote a book called The Like Economy: How Businesses Make Money With Facebook, which is a top seller in a number of categories on Amazon.

Then Brian co-wrote the third edition of Facebook Marketing: Leveraging Facebook’s Features For Your Marketing Campaigns.

Brian is still active as a keynote speaker and consultant. His forthcoming book on LinkedIn For Business comes out in August 2012.

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